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Pornhub has 130 Million page visits each day.
again: 130 Million!

Your target group is there. Guaranteed.

Advertise where your customers are! Everywhere.

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This means:
We are where your clients are - Pornhub.

Trust us, they are there! Just look at the numbers. And where are you? Remember - You are also a client.

The Facts

3,5 Bn

Monthly visitors alone on Pornhub

147 MM

Daily impressions in Europe

8:26 Min

The average session on Pornhub

29 %

Users of adult websites are women

Your Win


Our customers have seen sales increase by 47% in their shops. With
Multi-Channel+ Ads even by 68%!

Like TV

Your target audience are there. All of them.
A large reach like TV advertising - yet costs much less.


The platform is used long enough to communicate effectively your advertising message.

Did we mention that everyone is there? No matter what their culture, education, income, religion or gender.

We make it as easy as possible for you

  • We create banners that appeal to your potential target audience.
  • We create ads such as videos, gifs, and static banners.
  • We evaluate performance and provide reliable reports on your advertisements.
  • Our offer has an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • Our test-package is compact, impactful, and quickly provides reliable numbers.
  • CAMPAGION may be new, but we have a lot of experience and ambition to progress, improving our strategy with every customer.

We are reliable, uncomplicated, and fair.

Well known

Test packages

We have different packages for each country, and these are based on traffic and competition. It also depends if you want more awareness or more traffic. Just ask us, we will surely find a solution for you, your wishes and company.

We advertise where your customers are.

Of course, they are (hopefully) not on Pornhub non-stop.
We are the only campaign agency to focus on advertising on adult websites, as it helps for our own marketing.

However, we have naturally mastered the full breadth of performance-driven online marketing, and lead more potential customers to your website using all available means.

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