About us

We see marketing and sales together. Always. We have fun developing smart campaigns for our clients and seeing and celebrating the success.


Campagion GmbH is an innovative web advertising and digital marketing company that was founded in Austria, Vienna in 2020. Campagion’s mission is to improve the performance of your business and products with our internet marketing ad campaigns. Our team of experts will work with you to discover which banner is right for your company. Our knowledge and many years of experience, enable us to support companies translate creative ideas into effective banners, that are then strategically placed. Our aim is to generate the maximal output, for your minimal input. Detailed reports will be available to you at the end of each month.

Market Placement

Our aim is to utilize and explore all available advertising channels. We discovered that, apart from the more traditional advertising and platforms, such ads on Google and Facebook, advertising on adult websites is a very effective and lucrative prospect. Already having found success on a larger scale in America and some parts of Asia, it is still a relatively new concept in Europe and offers promising figures at low prices. Low levels of competition result in more attention for the advertiser.


Johannes Smeh Portrait

Johannes Smeh

Johannes Smeh is co-founder and leads campaign management and is responsible for marketing. He has over 17 years of marketing experience and has been running an advertising agency for over 10 years. His focus is on websites, online marketing and SEO / SEA.
Clemens Posselt Portrait

Clemens Posselt

International Sales Manager
Campaign Manager
Clemens is our campaign manager and data analyst. Whenever you get an evaluation from us, he has surely had a part in it. He also supports customers whom he has previously won.
Tamara Nikolic Portrait

Tamara Nikolic, BA

International Account Manager
Tamara takes care of new clients and supports existing clients. She speaks fluent English and several languages from east Europe.
Martin Marconato Portrait

Martin Marconato, MA

International Account Manager
Martin is Argentinian and takes care of clients from all Spanish speaking countries.
Julian Landgraf Portrait

Julian Landgraf

International Account Manager
Julian looks after all of our German-speaking customers. With all his experience and prudence, he brings order to the stressful everyday agency life and looks after his customers very conscientiously.
Christoph Reischütz Portrait

Christoph Reischütz

Art Director
Successful campaigns need outstanding banners. Christoph takes care of them, whether they are static, animated, or in video form.

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