Employee Benefits

We appreciate good and hard work. We pay fairly and aim to create a pleasant, rewarding and appreciative working climate. Here is a selection of our benefits ...

Campagion Academy

Jeder Mitarbeiter wird natürlich eingeschult und bekommt Trainings im Onlinemarketing, in den Werbechannels und in den Analysetools. Zusätzlich gibt es immer wieder Sales-Trainings mit renommierten und interessanten Experten.

Office Atmosphere

Our centrally located office is well connected to good transport links. The office itself is situated in a very stylish old building. A central kitchen, a communal dining area and attractive meeting area, offers a fantastic opportunity for downtime during breaks.

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Get better culture

Only those who learn can become better. Often we learn from our own mistakes and sometimes from reference books and studying. With us you will find room for mistakes, because we are looking for the courageous and motivated individuals.

We help you to improve and become better and in return we expect your absolute commitment to become one of the best.

Stay well

If you want to perform at a high level, you have to take care of yourself. Screen breaks, regular exchanges with colleagues and eating together are important to us. Fruit and drinks are always available. And of course, coffee.

Work hard, Party hard

Joint activities are celebrated. Once a quarter, we get out of the house together and party, or do something sporty, or something to relax, something culinary, and whatever else comes to our mind that inspires us and simply brings us joy.