Vaccination Campaign - The End of the Pandemic Begins on Pornhub

Das-Ende-der-Pandemie Animation

The pandemic could be over.

Covid might not, but the danger of lockdown and its less dangerous G3, G2 and G2 + sisters and brothers would no longer hover over us every time autumn beats summer. Every year until the remaining 35% have "naturally" missed on the antibodies? Please no!

We also wanted to help speed up this process. Hard-core "super-informed" anti-vaxers can't be convinced, but they supposedly make up less than 10% of the population. So there must be enough people out there who haven't felt motivated enough to get vaccinated with joy.

Fortunately, we know one platform on which a very broad section of the population is on, but they are not on it to talk. More to entertain themselves. With themselves, so to say. You get it.

So we created animated banners that are supposed to encourage people who have not yet been vaccinated but who are interested in this topic to click. The click leads to our website on a specially created landing page called "The End of Pandemic". Woohoo! We intentionally did not design this landing page as our advertisement, but rather left space for the topic. The topic was clear to us: The end of the pandemic is getting vaccinated with a high quota in the population.
Those who were looking for conspiracy theory texts probably run away quickly. Ah hopeless anyway. However, we caught attention of many people. These clicked, in spite of not so ideal conditions, on one of the two buttons for the "Austria vaccinates" initiative and the information page of the Ministry of Social Affairs. It must have been around 100 people. Difficult to say due to cookie banner obstacles, because of the 'place' where you came from. ;-) In addition, for the very same reason, there are very many people who do not click, but instead manually select direct access to the target, by using a new browser tab.

Surely, the numbers in our campaign show great interest:
With an amount of 400, - we generated 1,500,000 impressions and 2,600 clicks in 4 days. And hopefully helped to increase the vaccination rate.

We could well imagine that the "Austria vaccinates" initiative could advertise with us on Pornhub in an excellent way. However, I think that all advertising spending was planned for one agency over the years. So, if you know who, please contact us ;-). We could really help.

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