Advertising on Pornhub

Your want to reach a broad audience without high TV Ad pricing? Then you have come to the right place!

Adult websites count as some of the most viewed websites in the world

Per day, Pornhub records 27 million pageviews in Germany, 8.7 million in Switzerland, and 6.7 million in Austria.

The odds that you have at some stage performed “research” on Pornhub, are therefore extremely high. This certainly applies to everyone else you know: Your friends, your colleagues, and of course, your clients.

Here are some statistics to set the scene.

To utilize this advertising channel and benefit from its attractive numbers requires experience.

The same rules apply as with other forms of advertising and platforms. Banner ads should be attractive and perfectly fit to the related product.

If a banner is “too” attractive, in terms of the comparative content found on an adult website, then the click rate may increase, but not the online shop’s conversion rate. Too “conservative” and the banner may get too few clicks. It is a fine balance. We integrate our knowledge into personalising each banner with exact requirements necessary to ensure campaign success. We consider your type of business to maximise conversions, ensure a large number of impressions and click-through-rate.

Here’s a sample of how our anonymized evaluations will look.

The basis of our work is to interpret the banners and/or spots that performed the best, and should be promoted to the next stage, which will look like this:

Our ultimate goals are increase of sales by enhancing brand awareness and a long lasting partnership in marketing with our customers.

In combination with your own Google Analytics evaluation, we can use information as below to optimize the campaign for the future in order to generate the highest conversions for your investment:

  • The times and dates that delivered better results.
  • Were men or women responsible for more conversions.
  • If there an operating system that can be attributed to a significantly higher sales count.
  • Which regions generated more or less traffic.
  • Which banner spots provided what results in your campaign, and which of them should we promote or remove.

Test packages

We have different packages for each country, and these are based on traffic and competition. It also depends if you want more awareness or more traffic. Just ask us, we will surely find a solution for you, your wishes and company.

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