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Use Google Ads to react to search queries with the perfect text ads, ensuring predictable conversions for your website.

Google Ads is a must-have for anyone who provides online products or services.

Predictability is a large plus once you have understood and set up the

Even a small daily budget is enough to attract visitors to your website. The amount that needs to be invested depends on the type of business. In Germany, € 5.000, is a good starting amount. It may sound like a large sum for certain companies and sound small amount to others, but costs are always relative. For example, a € 5.000, investment that leads to an 800% ROI is likely to be an attractive prospect to almost any company.

It is no coincidence that companies invest most of their marketing budget on online advertising.

Statistik: Nettoumsätze mit digitaler Werbung in Deutschland in den Jahren 2013 bis 2019 sowie eine Prognose für 2020 (in Millionen Euro) | Statista
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Statistik: Top 10 Online-Shops nach SEA Budgets im Jahr 2019 in Deutschland (in Millionen Euro) | Statista
More statistics can be found on Statista

Almost every business advertises using Google Ads.

This means that without a strategy and know-how, you inevitably get stuck behind the competitors, who are already running optimized advertizing campaigns.

When considering strategy and know-how in this context, SEO comes quickly to the forefront. The so-called On-page Optimization. Since keywords that are used for advertisements should appear relevant on the landing pages. Not only because it makes perfect sense, but also from a purely technical perspective. Google calculates their costs per click based on multiple factors. One of these is the so-called quality factor. A value between 1 and 10 that rates the relevance of a keyword on the landing page.

Is gaining a Google Ads overview and optimization difficult?

You can find all the necessary information on the web, also for learning purposes. As experience and mistakes add up over time, hopefully, so do the number of lessons learned from those mistakes. However, constant updates, optimization, testing, monitoring, and reacting to competitors is still both challenging and time consuming. Because of this: Inform yourself about the correlations, so you can better discuss strategies with your search engine marketing specialist and understand what the benefits are. Take advice and leave the process up to the specialists..

So what are the exact costs of search engine advertising?

You should expect a daily budget of €150. To test the market. To create a basis for further optimization, it is vital to gather enough data to gain a realistic overview to prepare for successful market entry. Once the first optimizations are completed, it is possible to slowly approach the optimum. Depending on the amount of competition in the specific field and the the company´s situation, €300, per day may be sufficient to achieve quite a lot. But why restrict the budget if the campaigns are set up well?

There is only an upper limit: When the CPA (Cost per Acquisition) decreases. But it could even reach up to €1.500, per day and remain functional while generating a large sum of money for you.

This means starting with a €5.000, advertising budget per month is a sensible choice. And once your campaign is set up, the on-page optimization is prepared, and the first optimizations in your campaign are implemented, all that remains is to reach the maximum value potential, in which case a €10.000, to €20.000, monthly budget would put you in a strong position.

For our services, we can create an individual package

As a guideline the range would be between €270, and €540, for Google Ads monitoring and between €0, and €540, for additional monitoring (competition, running on-page optimization (blog articles).

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