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with Multi-Channel+ Ads

Advertise where your customers are! Your customers are everywhere. By everywhere, we mean adult sites like Pornhub.

Campaigns across multiple channels are at least 50% more effective and profitable than individual campaigns.

Our Advertising Channels


Pornhub Ads + Google Ads +
Take your Marketing to the next level

Potential customers today need multiple points of contact. Until they trust and until they make a purchase. Take advantage of the huge potential of advertising on adult websites in combination with traditional advertising channels and benefit from the powerful synergizing effects.

We plan from the start, a placement on at least two advertising channels. The Ads are coordinated, and possible search queries of potential customers on Google, based on a Pornhub marketing ad viewing, are then used on Google Ads to predict keywords. USPs or slogans used in the Pornhub-Ad are incorporated into the Ads to increase recognition by the Google Ad, which in turn promotes trust.

And what it looks like in reality...

  • 1.

    Visual Contact

    The potential customer sees the banner because he is interested in ice hockey skates.

  • 2.


    The potential customer remembers the points that are of priority for him:

    • Advice from a professional
    • Icesports
    • Bauer brand shoes on offer
  • 3.

    Search engine

    The potential customer searches for what he has memorized. He searches for Bauer Vapor hockey shoe and uses Google's auto-complete "bauer vapor hyperlite skate".

  • 4.

    Multi-Channel+ Match

    The user receives as one of the search results our Google Ad, with the terms:

    • Icesports
    • Advice from a professional

    Which he did not search for, but still has in mind.

  • 5.


    Recognition of the terms from the video ad, increases the probability of clicking on this ad many times over! Mission accomplished! Customer finds the offer again, is satisfied and buys.

A Sample Timeline of Average User Activity

Depending on the budget and target groups, we use between two and five advertising channels.

Before Work
At Work
After Work

Pornhub Ads, Google Ads

For some it's just time to relax and for others an opportunity to finally do some research and shopping.

During the busiest time on Pornhub, we increase our Video Ad activity

At the same time, we add more weight to your campaign on Google Ads in primetime. This is because users on Pornhub often do research after a visual contact or after clicking on a video ad.

This direct connection we want to maximize for you in our advertising strategy.

Facebook, Instagram

Many people start their day with Facebook and Instagram.

A familiar message, is in this context a valuable point of contact.

LinkedIn, Youtube

As dedicated as most people are, LinkedIn is still often used in the workplace. There is no advertising opportunity here in the classic sense, but if it suits you and your offer, a marketing strategy tailored to you and your target group on LinkedIn can bring extremely valuable points of contact.

And then there are the days when you get stuck on the 12th cat video and the "Greatest-Fails of all Time." Perfect for a pre-roll Ad.

Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

After work, on the way home from work, or after doing the necessary in home office, many people focus on contact with their friends. Even if this only happens virtually, due to a lack of time, people often start doing research in Google what they didn't have time to do during the day.

We prioritize which advertising channels we use based on the most frequent activity patterns of a potential customer.

We will push advertising on channels also at other times of the day, where this is possible and makes sense. By prioritising, your budget is used more efficiently, and you get more conversions for your budget.

Example of a customer journey across multiple channels

A Father and His Search for the Perfect Gift.

A story that happens every day.

Father and son are standing in their growing wheat field. They are happy because of successful sowing and enjoying sunset.

A son will soon celebrate his birthday and his father has started to think about what kind of gift he would like to buy him – something that will really blow him away and make him very happy.


The father sees an advert for ice hockey skates on Pornhub. As ice hockey is one of his son’s hobbies, he already had the subject on his mind.

Google-Ads screenshot ICESPORTS EN

The father searches for the shoe he saw in the offer. He then sees an advert from the exact same shop that he just saw on the Pornhub. He clicks on it and looks around the online shop.


The father notices a new banner from the Ice Hockey skate shop while checking his Facebook.


On his way home he does another google search and checks if there is maybe a better deal. He finally decides to go with the package he has already seen on the adverts, being won over by the message “professional advice” and the grinding service that is included. The dad buys.


It is possible to join the potential customer from the beginning of their journey, of having a problem to solve, to then finding the solution. This happens across different channels, mirroring how we live. As fast-paced our reality is, efficient advertising needs to move with us and live with us in our everyday lives.

Test our Multi-Channel+ Ads Offer
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The simplest channel combination is Pornhub Ads + Google Ads.
From a daily budget of € 120 to € 360 per campaign and platform you can benefit from a 20 day trial.

If it sounds of interest to you, then send us a mail, or let us give you a call back.

You want to advertise with us on Pornhub, but want to try a test run first?


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Increase your overall sales

Here we show how advertising on Pornhub can positively impact your sales through increased traffic via Google.

The traffic increase via Google will massively rise. This result comes from the fact that users rarely convert directly on Pornhub. Their click was often just a test to see if the potential offer meets the expectation of the ad. If it does, your product or brand or service will later be searched for on Google. As a result, traffic increases. Here we show you how advertising on Pornhub affects your sales through increased traffic via Google.

What we can also see is that users who have memorized your brand in order to search for it later will have a significantly longer visit time on your website. Because these users are actually interested in your brand and your offer. Otherwise they wouldn't have taken the trouble to switch on their brain 🙂

Why now?

There is no time like the present to reach out to your customers! Take advantage of expanding your reach and creating further valuable contact points with your customers.

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